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I'll just say it: I love talking. And really I love talking about science - I strongly believe that good science communication is key to an informed public and good decision-making. Plus, making it fun is one of the most rewarding things I do as a researcher. 


Every year I am fortunate enough to give several invited and keynote speeches, ranging from prestigious conferences such as IdeaCity to smaller engagements with groups like the Audubon Society. Accordingly, I cater my talks to my audience, so what you see and hear will be a unique experience. Topics often include penguins, Antarctic ecology, science communication, conservation challenges, and climate change.


Please contact me for information on topics I like to discuss, testimonials, and fees, or you can contact American Program Bureau. I'd love to talk to your group. 


Upcoming Speaking Events:

Antarctic Aerospace Summit, April 10 - Christchurch, NZ

Contact Information
Gateway Antarctica
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, NZ
phone: +64 3 369 0639
Michelle LaRue IdeaCity

Interested in having me give a keynote talk? Fill out this form or email me at - and I'll get back to you

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Speaking & Media

Penguin Research in Antarctica

Minnesota Zoo, Bloomington, MN 2018

Penguin Research in Antarctica
Aerial Survey, 2018


*My presentation starts at 25:15

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