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My research and engagement

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins visiting Tent Island

IMG_6625 Basler team

"Penguin Paparazzi" after the penguin survey in October 2018.


Emperor penguins waiting near the ice edge at Coulman Island, Antarctica. (c) Sara Labrousse

Cape Evans Hut

Science instruments at the Cape Evans historic hut

Coming up for air

A Weddell seal stays warm in the water

Adelie penguins

Adelie penguins on an ice floe


A view from Booth Island at night


Humpback diving the waters of the Antarctic Peninsula


Gentoos marching

Weddell seals

Weddell seal mom & pup in McMurdo Sound, spring 2018


Icebergs in the distance


Inside Discovery Hut


Weddell seal pup


Emperor penguin family


Crabeater seal & Michelle (photo copyright Jesse Hiatt)

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguin crew at the ice edge in Erebus Bay

Hope Bay

Penguins in the boat! (Photo Juan Salcedo)

Weddell seals

Weddell seal pup gets a meal


The view from Danco Island


Black-browed albatross in the Falkland Islands, January 2018.

Basler Team

Aerial survey team for photographing emperor penguins in spring 2018.

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins at Coulman Island (c) S. Labrousse and D. Iles

SCAR 2016 presentation

Presenting at Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) International Science Conference, 2016 (c) M Shero

Michelle LaRue

Michelle giving a talk to a packed house at McMurdo Station (c) S. Labrousse

Talking pumas

Visit to Vanderbilt University to talk mountain lions in the Midwest. (c) T Samuels

Earth Optimism

Speaking at the Earth Optimism Summit

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